The general terms and conditions are designed to protect the customer's rights and the protection of the rights of this website (www.i-eyewear.gr, www.ieyewear.gr, www.i-eyewear.com, www.gyaliailiou.com). The visitor or user or customer must carefully read these terms of use in any case of dispute with one or more of them should not make use of this website. Otherwise assumed that the customer accepts unconditionally all the terms of use.


The entire contents of this website are protected by copyright of www.gyaliailiou.com and protected by Greek law, European law and international conventions. Indicative texts, photos, image playback (video), graphics , designs, trademarks/logos, products, services and generally all kinds of files. Not subject to intellectual property www.gyaliailiou.com copyrighted third example as partners, suppliers, etc. Is expressly prohibited in whole or in part, any copying, reproduction, republication, transmission, alteration, modification, distribution, downloading, storing and reselling the content of this website without the written consent of the owner.


To do any transaction, the customer needs to create a personal account in this website and required personal data and information entered to be true and complete to completed transactions and orders smoothly and without problems. The www.gyaliailiou.com is not responsible if some of the obligations are not completed in full or on time due to incorrect registration of personal data from the user's side. Also, this website reserves the right to delete any personal account if it is found that the reported personal information is untrue or use of your account is abusive. The personal information required to create personal account are: I) Name, II) E-mail (electronic mail), III) Number landline or mobile, IV) Address, V) Postal. The client in each case has the right and obligation to modify their personal information when introducing any change in them as well as delete them. Customer data retained only as long as they are registered clients and deleted immediately once deleted his personal account from the user. The www.gyaliailiou.com committed to preserving and protecting all user data in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Greek legislation (N.2472/1997) and the European legislation governing the protection of personal data. Therefore, it may disclose the information to third parties. Deliveries of orders made by courier company which is the only case disclosure of user information in order to checkout. Finally, the smooth and proper completion of any order you agree to receive automated or personalized emails to the email address you have indicated as fortunes telephone contact in phone numbers indicated in the process of creating personal account.


Customer information when browsing in this website remain invisible from unauthorized third persons. The password (E-mail) and personal identification number (Password), is necessary to secure access to the personal account of each user. The only person who has access to them is each customer is solely responsible for maintaining the secrecy and concealment by others. In case of loss or leakages should immediately inform us or to make the process of issuing new personal security code, otherwise www.gyaliailiou.com assumes no responsibility for the use of personal account by an unauthorized person. We, for security reasons, change their passwords at regular intervals and use codes hardly detectable using combinations of letters, numbers and symbols.


The www.gyaliailiou.com pays particular attention to the registration information on the website about the characteristics of the products. Nonetheless www.gyaliailiou.com not warrant that product descriptions are accurate, complete, error-free and fully informed and assumes no responsibility as to the validity of the information displayed and for any inaccuracies or omissions in photos and technical details as those provided by partners and suppliers. All product prices listed in www.gyaliailiou.com are in Euro and include 23% VAT . Shipping costs are an additional cost and the total cost of your order will appear on completion. The www.gyaliailiou.com reserves the right to adjust the listed prices of products without prior notice. This condition does not apply where the customer has completed the order with the listed price started the order process.


Shipments of products will be made to the address entered by the customer and if they are in stock delivery will be made in accordance with the times specified for each product. The www.gyaliailiou.com assumes no responsibility for any defects that may occur from the supplier. In case of ordering a product which is not available www.gyaliailiou.com must contact within 7 working days by the user via e-mail (E-mail) to resolve the issue, will examine new delivery date according to the restoration of product availability or the mission similar product of equal value with the order of the original product, or different values of the adaptation of the final cost to the user depending on the price difference probably can occur. If the customer does not agree to any of the alternatives then there is the option to cancel the order and refund the money paid under the conditions specified in block CANCELLATION POLICY AND REFUNDS.
The www.gyaliailiou.com reserves the right to cancel the order in case of insufficient stock of the selected product, non-delivery in your area or in one or more of the products of the order entered an incorrect price due to typographical error or error of billing partners or suppliers. In case of cancellation of the order by the www.gyaliailiou.com will inform you via message to your E-mail and the amount paid during your order will be refunded as soon as possible, within 15 working days of your order.


The payment methods for all products that are in www.gyaliailiou.com are:

  • COD (cash on delivery of the product to the courier company)
  • Pay Pal
  • Transfer to Piraeus Bank

            IBAN: GR84 0172 0530 0050 5306 1539 969
            BIC: PIRBGRAA
            Beneficiary: DEMERTZIS PETER D.

  • Pickup from store

Items are sent via courier partner company of our own choice and delivered to the address you have indicated. Shipping costs of the product carried by the user and apply to purchases under 80,00 €, for orders over 80,00 € shipping costs are free and valid for product weight to 2 pounds. In case of exceeding the 2 kg charges will be made according to the current pricelist courier company and informed the client, regardless of the amount of the order. Also emphasized that in the case of COD delivery costs will always be charged, regardless of the amount of the order.

Charges shipping costs and COD costs are as follows:

Products cost under 80,00 €
  Shipping costs Expenses on delivery (COD)
Attica 4,00€ 3,50€
Outside Attica 5,50€ 5,50€
Outside Greece Upon request Not provided
Products cost over 80,00 €
  Shipping costs Expenses on delivery (COD)
Attica Free of Charge 3,50€
Outside Attica Free of Charge 5,50€
Outside Greece Upon request Not provided
*values refer to products not more than 2 pounds of weight and
include VAT.

The delivery time is 2-3 working days for Attica and 3-5 working days outside Attica. For orders outside Greece, time and delivery costs will be adjusted depending on the delivery location, after consultation with the courier company and customer information, also in this case no valid redemption order on delivery. To www.gyaliailiou.com assumes no responsibility for damage fortunes of the product during transportation to the customer. The client can also choose to receive the product from physical store without charging shipping cost. If the customer has chosen the receipt from the store, the product will remain bound to the name of the client for 3 working days after the passage of these days the product can be made available again for sale and has no responsibility in www.gyaliailiou.com to the customer.


The customer may at any time before checkout to cancel it. If the product has left the physical space of the store for delivery, the customer is not charged anything and www.gyaliailiou.com must return the paid money. When the shipment of the product is completed and the customer accepts directly for any reason the product is released the return is accepted only if the product is left intact, intact in its original packing and without any condition with only fee shipping cost to the customer regardless of the amount of product orders. If the customer has accepted the product and for any reason want to return it, you must within 14 calendar days from delivery date to inform the www.gyaliailiou.com via E-mail (electronic mail). The product should be left untouched and intact in its original packaging supplied to him. The refund will be by courier ( private courier ) of his own choice and at its own cost of shipping cost. In case the customer wants to change the purchased product to another, must be within 14 calendar days from delivery date to inform the www.gyaliailiou.com via E-mail (electronic mail). The right changes are strictly for once only. We calculated the cost of the product order will replace the original product and will be deducted the cost of the order of the original product. The potential difference that may occur must be paid immediately if the customer makes a change to a product of greater value than the original to complete the process of change. If the customer makes a change to a product of lesser value than the original product www.gyaliailiou.com is required within 15 working days from the time of completion of the process of change to return the amount. In all cases not strictly adhered to the above terms, www.gyaliailiou.com is not obliged to accept return of the product and no other responsibility lies with the customer. If the product is defective or different from what you ordered , the customer must, within 3 working days to inform the www.gyaliailiou.com via e-mail (E-mail) to replace. The replacement, if the product is readily available, will be made within 2-3 working days from the time of receipt at the headquarters of www.gyaliailiou.com the defective or different product from order with no extra charge to the customer. If the product is not immediately available, the replacement will be done when the supplier will deliver to www.gyaliailiou.com readmit the product and the customer will be informed about the delivery time by e- mail, also at no extra charge to the customer. In any case replacement product or refund the customer must complete the specific electronic form REFUNDS located in www.gyaliailiou.com. Telephone cancellations will not be accepted. In case of a refund should be referred to the bank account under the IBAN and the bank where it belongs. The refund shall be made within 15 working days from the time you deliver the product at the headquarters of www.gyaliailiou.com, the account provided to us by the client.
Finally, in case of special order a product by the customer, which is manufactured according to client's data alone are not acceptable return or exchange for any reason and www.gyaliailiou.com assumes no liability to the customer. To proceed with a special order must be fully paid product.


When using www.gyaliailiou.com the customer agrees that the transactions over the internet is never private and secure. Any information or comment or customer data can be intercepted by third parties, even if there is a notice that the transaction is encrypted. The www.gyaliailiou.com assumes no liability if for any reason, even in case of negligence, crash and it is not possible or difficult to access. Also, despite the security measures in force, if identified in the online store and/or their decorators (servers) and/or E-mail, "viruses" or other harmful software and transmitted to the customers PC causing disasters of any kind, limited, direct, indirect, accidental, incidental and consequential the www.gyaliailiou.com assumes no responsibility. Finally, www.gyaliailiou.com assumes no responsibility regarding the communication of client third parties may be advertised to www.gyaliailiou.com, as well as to any matter arising out of any kind of commercial transaction between the customer and the advertiser. The www.gyaliailiou.com may have links to different websites, why is not responsible for their content, services, sustained and secure access to them and can not be linked to them in any way.


All terms and conditions valid only for the www.gyaliailiou.com. The www.gyaliailiou.com reserves the right to be able at any time to make changes to individual or fully the terms and conditions, with or without prior notice. The www.gyaliailiou.com commits its customers alone, for orders and transactions that have been completed until the moment of the modification. Each fortunes modification will applies automatically by posting them on the website. In case someone of the terms become invalid does not automatically mean the cancellation of remaining terms and conditions of www.gyaliailiou.com. In case of any disagreement between the client and his www.gyaliailiou.com that likely can emerged and unable or does not resolving the initially, competent be the Courts of Athens.


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